OVYM Job Opening

Youth Services Secretary

A Youth Services Secretary is sought to nurture and provide programs throughout the year for young Friends from Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting (OVYM) of middle school and high school ages. Youth in the Middle Youth group include those 10-14 years old and those in the Teen group include those 14-18 years old. The work of the secretary includes offering new experiences, spiritual nurture and opportunities for service and leadership. 

The secretary will work with the Youth Services Committee, part of OVYM, to determine the exact work to be performed. The time commitment is 1000 hours annually with more time spent around quarterly and annual events. Frequent weekend travel is required and fully reimbursed. This is a part-time salaried position with regular monthly compensation.

Please submit your resume to youthsecretary-job@ovym.org.


Responsibilities to youth

Assist as a mentor and lead in the spiritual nurture of Young Friends in OVYM. Uphold Quaker values of simplicity, honest, integrity and community. 

Directly assist young Friends in OVYM to work within their communities to: network with each other in the Yearly Meeting and to attain an understanding and vision of Quakerism.

Organize and attend middle youth and teen activities for youth to be determined in consultation with the Youth Services Committee. These might include retreats, workshops, work camps, service projects and other special opportunities.

Encourage OVYM youth to participate in wider Friends youth activities and help coordinate these activities with other nearby Friends youth workers.

Reciprocal Responsibilities to the Yearly Meeting

Work with Youth Services Committee and with designated youth leadership in Whitewater and Miami Quarterly Meetings to organize and promote youth activities at the Yearly Meeting level and attend such sessions and youth activities.

Maintain communications with religious education clerks in monthly meetings of OVYM and be available to assist and visit monthly meetings to develop youth programs within the yearly meeting. 

Maintain contact and build relationships with families of middle youth and teens in OVYM through email updates, phone check-ins, etc.

Maintain contact with the larger OVYM community through writing (Quaker Quill articles, social media posts, etc.)

Attend OVYM Executive Committee quarterly meetings and prepare a written report in advance with action items as needed.

Attend OVYM Annual Sessions Planning Committee meetings.


Leadership qualities are essential. The candidate should be able to nurture a warm and supportive environment for the youth in her or his care. 

Demonstrate an appreciation of and respect for diversity of religious belief and experience.

Be adept at understanding the concerns and aspirations of young Friends aged 10 – 18. 

Be aware of Friends’ social concerns and Friends organizations. 

Experience with all major Friends’ traditions and an understanding of religious diversity. While active membership in the Religious Society of Friends is desirable, is is not an absolute requirement.

Have access to an automobile and possess a valid driver’s license; be willing to travel for occasional weekend retreats and be willing to accept overnight hospitality. 

Be willing to travel about 2 times per month on Sundays to visit OVYM-affiliated monthly meetings for Meeting for Worship, First Day School, and lunch with families and youth.

Minimum age 22 years old. Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent course work and experience.

Submit to periodic background checks as designated by OVYM.