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Front Porch Discussion – Regeneration: Reknitting the Unraveling Fabric of Life

A Zoom discussion sponsored by OVYM  Earthcare Committee

Please note that this is a virtual event. You will be required to enter a passcode, which is the same passcode used for OVYM annual sessions last year. If you do not have the passcode, please contact the the secretary.

Regeneration is an approach to land care of all kinds, such as gardening, farming, animal grazing and yard care, that emphasizes leaving the soil and ecological community richer than we find it.  Native plant and animal diversity is cultivated.  Topsoil is deepened, which sequesters atmospheric carbon dioxide, along with other benefits.  This approach is spreading around the world, often subsidized for it’s potential to help reverse climate disruption.  It includes the joyful experience of being a contributing member of the Earth community, joining with the harmonious patterns of Creation which permeate and sustain life.  These qualities are very evident in the recent film “Kiss the Ground”.

We will view an inspiring 36 minute film by film-maker/soil scientist John Liu, showing land and community-healing work in four countries.  This will be followed by discussion, facilitated by queries inviting us to consider regenerative approaches in our own lives at home and with fellow meeting members.


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