Whitewater Quarter – First Month 2023

Whitewater Quarterly MeetingFirst Month (January) 15, 2023Held at North Meadow Circle of Friends (Indianapolis) 1. The meeting settled in to a time of waiting worship at 12:15 pm. 2. The agenda for today’s meeting was reviewed, additions were made, and it was approved. 3. Roll Call of Monthly Meeting RepresentativesBloomington Friends Meeting, Bloomington, IN: Christine … Read more

Whitewater Quarter – Tenth Month 2021

Whitewater Quarterly MeetingTenth Month (October) 17, 2021Held Virtually on Zoom as part of Joint Quarterly Meeting 1. Presiding Clerk, Christine Carver, read from OVYM Faith and Practice (pages 69-70) The quarterly meeting is designed to bring together for inspiration and counsel a larger group, and to consider more varied interests than any single meeting embraces. … Read more

Whitewater Quarter – Fourth Month 2021

Zoom Meeting hosted by Clear Creek Friends Meeting4/18/2021 1. Meeting began with waiting worship at 11:15. 2. Roll Call Bloomington Christine Carver Clear Creek Erica Pearson Fall Creek Marti Matthews Fort Wayne Robert Holada Lafayette Karen Atcheson North Meadow Eric Hailperin-Lausch White Rose not present 3. The minutes from the 1/17/2021, that had been approved … Read more

Whitewater Quarter – 10th Month 2020

Whitewater Quarterly MeetingZoom Meeting10/18/2020 1. Meeting began with silent worship at 1:00 pm. 2. Roll CallBloomington: Christine CarverClear Creek: not presentFall Creek: not presentFort Wayne: Robert HoladaLafayette: not presentNorth Meadow: Eric Hailperin-LauschWhite Rose: not present 3. Christine Carver presented a Minute on Nuclear Weapons brought forward by Bloomington Monthly Meeting. This was read aloud. We … Read more