Second Month 2021

Executive Committee of Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting
Second Month 6, 2021, 12:00noon
Meeting for Business via Zoom

1. Opening worship. Friends entered into a period of waiting worship.

2. Roll call. The Recording Clerk called the roll of Yearly Meeting officers and administrators, Committee Clerks, Quarterly and Monthly Meeting Representatives, and Yearly Meeting staff:

Yearly Meeting officers and administrators
Presiding Clerk: Martha Viehmann
Assistant Presiding Clerk: Rachel Ernst-Stahlhut
Recording Clerk: Rex Sprouse
Assistant Recording Clerk: Lisa Cayard
Treasurer: Wilson Palmer
Assistant Treasurer: (office vacant)

Committee Clerks (or representative)
Auditing: not present
Braddock Fund: not present
Budget & Finance: not present
Children’s: Susan Hyde
Development: Betsy Neale
Earthcare: Carol Simmons
Faith & Practice: Rex Sprouse
Nominating: Richard Mitchell
Peace & Social Concerns: Carol Simmons
Personnel: Dinah Duvall
Records: Susan Hyde
Religious Nurture & Education: Nikki Coffey Tousley
Yearly Meeting Planning: Carol Simmons
Young Adult Friends: Kaia Jackson
Youth Services: Jason Swank

Quarterly Meeting Clerks
Miami: Peter Hardy
Whitewater: Terre Holada

Monthly Meeting representatives
Bloomington: Elizabeth Terney
Campus: not present
Clear Creek: Cathy Habschmidt
Community: Deborah Jordan
Dayton: Nikki Coffey Tousley
Eastern Hills: Wilson Palmer
Fall Creek: Daniel Day
Fort Wayne: Terre Holada
Lafayette: not present
Lexington: Richard Mitchell and Betsy Neale
Louisville: Cindi Goslee
Miami: not present
North Meadow: Dinah Duvall
Oxford: (Cecile Shore sends regrets)
White Rose: not present
Yellow Springs: Carol Simmons and Susan Hyde

Yearly Meeting staff
Administrative Secretary: Deborah Jordan
Youth Secretary: Kaia Jackson

Support volunteers
Website Administrator: Daniel Day
Statistician: Bill Heilbron
Sexual Misconduct Task Force: Betsy Neale

Visitor: Princess Nelson (Lexington Friends Meeting)

3. Faith and Practice Committee report. Paul Buckley reported that monthly meetings’ orders for the revised Book of Faith and Practice had been placed and were in the process of being fulfilled. It was clarified that hard copies and paperback copies were being shipped under separate cover. Further information about ordering additional copies will be available in The Quaker Quill. Friends were encouraged to place orders for additional copies through the Yearly Meeting, because almost $3000 remained in the Yearly Meeting’s Faith and Practice Printing Fund.

4. Nominating Committee report. On behalf of Nominating Committee, the Clerk brought forward the name of Buck Bunner to serve on Religious Nurture and Education Committee for a term beginning immediately upon approval and ending at the rise of Annual Sessions in 2023. Friends approved.

5. Suggestions for committees seeking Committee Clerks. The Clerk discussed suggestions for committees who are experiencing challenges naming a Committee Clerk. One suggestion was to divide the duties of clerking among two or more committee members, such as convening the committee, discerning the agenda for meetings, presiding at committee meetings, recording minutes, serving as representative at Executive Committee meetings, etc. Another suggestion was to rotate the role of Committee Clerk among committee members.

At the time of this meeting, Nominating Committee, Peace and Social Concerns Committee, Development Committee, and Budget and Finance Committee did not have named Clerks, although Budget and Finance Committee had an Acting Clerk. It was pointed out that one issue for future consideration might be decoupling the role of Assistant Treasurer from the role of Clerk of Budget and Finance Committee.

Richard Mitchell agreed to convene Nominating Committee. Executive Committee requested that Nominating Committee seek to discern a process for the naming and appointment of Clerk of Nominating Committee.

6. Treasurer’s report. Wilson Palmer presented the report, highlighting updates on income from monthly meetings since preparation of the spreadsheet. Friends accepted the report.

Wilson also highlighted the extent to which Paul Buckley had not only shepherded the process of publishing the revised Book of Faith and Practice, but also saved the Yearly Meeting a substantial amount of expense in the process. Friends hereby minute their appreciation to Paul for his tireless efforts in the final stages of process of Faith and Practice revision.

7. Budget and Finance Committee report. Wilson Palmer presented the tentative budget for 2021-2022, noting ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic had significantly reduced expenditures, because Annual Sessions would be held via Zoom, and various travel expenses would not be incurred. The name change from Capital Fund to Meetinghouse Resource Fund was clarified. Friends accepted the report.

8. Yearly Meeting Handbook updates. Friends approved a correction to the link on the Personnel Committee Description page such that it would now link to section 4.5, the Personnel Policy.

Friends approved revisions to the charge of Religious Nurture and Education Committee, reducing the number of Committee members from 12 to 8 and making facets of both the religious nurture and religious education charges more explicit.

9. Statistician’s report. Bill Heilbron presented the report, highlighting that he had received reports from all constituent Monthly Meetings. Bill reported that most of our monthly meetings were holding meeting for worship via Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bill also reported that membership was continuing to decline, primarily due to removal because of loss of contact. Friends accepted the report.

10. Youth Services Committee report. Jason Swank presented the report, a full written version of which is appended to these minutes. Jason lifted up three basic objectives for Youth Services Committee: (1) consistent, compelling programming, (2) engagement with the broader Quaker youth community; and (3) engagement with constituent monthly meetings at the local level. It was noted that there had been particularly rich and fruitful youth activities associated with Louisville and Lexington Meetings. Youth Secretary Kaia Jackson stressed that they would be happy to facilitate more youth activities with all our monthly meetings. Friends accepted the report.

11. Planning Committee report. Carol Simmons presented the report, reminding Friends that current plans called for Annual Sessions 2021 to be held from Sixth Month 16 to 20 via Zoom. The theme will be “From Revelation to Revolution: Walking Together in Radical Love.” Friends accepted the report.

Friends approved hiring our three long-term Children’s Program workers and Travis Christian, who would be working with the Teen Program, for Annual Sessions 2021.

12. Religious Nurture and Education Committee report. Nikki Coffey Tousley presented the report, a full written version of which is appended to these minutes. Nikki highlighted the well-attended Front Porch sessions and the upcoming retreat on “Outreach and Weaving a Wider Welcome” scheduled for Third Month 26-27, 2021, and facilitated Rachel Ernst-Stahlhut. It was also announced that a Front Porch session on White Privilege would be held on Second Month 24, 2021, from 7:00pm to 8:45pm via Zoom. Friends accepted the report.

13. Miami Quarterly Meeting report. Peter Hardy presented the report, a full written version of which is appended to these minutes. Peter expressed his delight at the opportunity to visit various meetings in Miami Quarterly Meeting. Friends accepted the report.

14. Whitewater Quarterly Meeting report. Terre Holada reported on the First Month 2021 Whitewater Quarterly Meeting, which had been held via Zoom. Whitewater Quarterly Meeting Friends united in a minute opposing nuclear weapons. Friends enjoyed an afternoon program on acknowledging spiritual gifts. Friends accepted the report.

15. Conversation on Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting and anti-racism.  Monthly Meetings had been asked to discuss the concern on anti-racism and bring feedback on our meetings’ commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization.  Some meetings have had these conversations and are in favor of moving forward. Other meetings are not in unity or are hesitant to take on difficult conversations at this time.  Lexington Meeting has a weekly session to share resources on the topic of anti-racism that has created a sense of trust. The Lexington Meeting Anti-Racism Coordinating Committee offered to share about the work they are doing. Some meetings are offering book studies and other activities to encourage learning and discussion of anti-racism. It was acknowledged that not everyone in our meetings is at the same place in their understanding of and commitment to this issue.  Participating in the upcoming Front Porch Session on Anti-Racism and the RNE retreat on Weaving a Wider Welcome were recommended as helpful ways to move forward. There was support expressed for continuing these conversations at Executive Committee meetings.  [This minute was recorded by Assistant Recording Clerk Lisa Cayard.]

16. Closing worship. Friends ended with a brief period of waiting worship.

Next Executive Committee Meeting: 2021-04-04 at 12noon via Zoom.
Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting: 2021-06-16 to 2021-06-20 via Zoom.
Friends General Conference Annual Gathering: 2021-06-27 to 2012-07-03 via Zoom.

Appended Reports (in PDF)

  • Youth Services Committee Report (See Minute 10.)
  • Religious Nurture and Education (See Minute 12.)
  • Miami Quarter report. (See Minute 13.)


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