Fourth Month 2021

Executive Committee of Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting
Fourth Month 3, 2021, 12:00noon
Meeting for Business via Zoom  

1. Opening worship. Friends gathered at the appointed time and entered into a period of waiting worship.

2. Roll call. The Recording Clerk called the roll of Yearly Meeting officers and administrators, Committee Clerks, Quarterly and Monthly Meeting Representatives, and Yearly Meeting staff:

Yearly Meeting officers and administrators
Presiding Clerk: Martha Viehmann
Assistant Presiding Clerk: Rachel Ernst-Stahlhut
Recording Clerk: Rex Sprouse 
Assistant Recording Clerk: Lisa Cayard
Treasurer: Wilson Palmer
Assistant Treasurer: (office vacant)

Committee Clerks (or representative)
Auditing: (not present)
Braddock Fund: Stephen Angell
Budget & Finance: Stephen Angell
Children’s: Susan Hyde
Development: Betsy Neale
Earthcare: Carol Simmons
Faith & Practice: Rex Sprouse
Nominating: Richard Mitchell
Peace & Social Concerns: Carol Simmons 
Personnel: Stephen Angell
Records: Susan Hyde
Religious Nurture & Education: Nikki Coffey Tousley
Yearly Meeting Planning: Carol Simmons
Young Adult Friends: (not present)
Youth Services: Jason Swank

Quarterly Meeting Clerks
Miami: Peter Hardy
Whitewater: (Terre Holada sent regrets)

Monthly Meeting representatives
Bloomington: Elizabeth Terney
Campus: (Patricia Thomas sent regrets)
Clear Creek: (Cathy Habschmidt sent regrets)
Community: Deborah Jordan, Eric Wolff
Dayton: Nikki Coffey Tousley
Eastern Hills: Wilson Palmer
Fall Creek: Daniel Day
Fort Wayne: Fred Feitler
Lafayette: (not present)
Lexington: Richard Mitchell. Betsy Neale
Louisville: Cindi Goslee
Miami: (not present)
North Meadow: Dinah Duvall
Oxford: Cecile Shore
White Rose: (not present)
Yellow Springs: Carol Simmons, Susan Hyde

Yearly Meeting staff
Administrative Secretary: Deborah Jordan
Youth Secretary: Kaia Jackson 

Support volunteers
Website Administrator: Daniel Day
Statistician: (office vacant)
Sexual Misconduct Task Force: Betsy Neale

Visitors: Susan Lee Barton (Сlear Creek), Ben Griffith (Lexington), Evelyn Harper (Fall Creek), Bill Heilbron (Lexington), Gail Koehler (Lexington), Anne Hutchinson (Eastern Hills).

3. Remembering Paul Kriese. Friends entered into a period of worshipful thanksgiving for the life of Paul Kriese, who had passed from this life on Third Month 6, 2021. Friends reflected on Paul’s decades of faithful service to the Religious Society of Friends and his tireless work for social justice.

4. Treasurer’s report. Wilson Palmer presented the report, a written version of which is appended to these minutes. Friends accepted the report. 

5. Braddock Fund Committee report. Stephen Angell presented the report, highlighting the recent grant of $3000 to Cathy Roma to support her project working with the men’s choir at the Marion Correctional Institution. This will be a prison arts project (songs, poetry, and spoken word pieces), and it will be entitled “Louder Together.” The participants plan to stitch together a powerful visual album. Friends accepted the report.

6. Ad Hoc Hiring Committee for Administrative Assistant. Deborah Jordan had announced that she felt that the time had come for her to be released from service as Administrative Secretary. Martha Viehmann thanked Deborah Jordan for her many years of faithful service in this role. Martha reminded Friends that the Yearly Meeting Handbook states that the Presiding Clerk, the Assistant Clerk, the Treasurer, and one member-at-large should serve as an ad hoc Hiring Committee for a new Administrative Assistant, as the position is now to be known. Friends approved Dinah Duvall as the member-at large. Friends approved a description of the position for dissemination, which is appended to these minutes. Friends approved revising the Yearly Meeting Handbook to bring it into conformity with the language of the approved job announcement.

7. Religious Nurture and Education Committee report. Nikki Coffey Tousley presented the report, the full written version of which is appended to these minutes. Nikki highlighted recent Front Porch Conversations and the previous weekend’s Yearly Meeting Retreat. Friends approved donating the $400 deposit that had been made to Quaker Hill for the recent Yearly Meeting Retreat, which had been held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

8. Nominations to be approved by Executive Committee. Friends approved Rick Boyce to represent Eastern Hills on Nominating Committee. Rick will complete Rhonda Pfalzgraff-Carlson’s term, which will end at the rise of Annual Sessions in 2023. Dinah Duvall’s current term on Personnel Committee would end at the end of Annual Session in 2021. Friends approved the nomination of Dinah Duvall to serve a second term on Personnel Committee, to end at the end of Annual Sessions in 2023. 

9. Nominating Committee. Nominating Committee currently has no Committee Clerk. Richard Mitchell reported that he had recently convened a meeting of Nominating Committee, a written summary of which would be prepared and appended to these minutes. Friends approved the nomination of Rick Boyce to write the Epistle Summary for 2021 Annual Sessions.

10. Planning Committee report. Carol Simmons presented the report, highlighting the plan for Carl Magruder to offer a plenary address during the 2021 Annual Sessions, as well as other activities and events the Committee is planning. 

11. Youth Services Committee charge. Friends approved a revision of the Yearly Meeting Handbook such that the Teen Activities Committee would now be known as the Youth Services Committee. The number of adult members of this Committee is reduced from nine to six. Friends felt comfortable allowing the Youth Services Committee to make additional editorial revisions reflecting the charge of the Committee to provide activities for both Teens and Middle Youth. 

12. Continuing conversation on race. Friends entered into a discussion of the recent Front Porch discussion and the recent Yearly Meeting Retreat on Welcoming, with a special concern for considerations of race. Friends thanked Rachel Ernst-Stahlhut for her faithfulness in leading the Retreat. Friends shared a variety of responses and reflections, including the insight that welcoming is much more than simply greeting newcomers at the door.

13. Youth Services Committee report. Jason Swank presented the report, which included proposed updates to the Yearly Meeting Handbook description of the position of Youth Secretary and a draft of the job announcement for the position of Youth Secretary. Friends approved the proposed updates to the Yearly Meeting Handbook. Friends shared suggestions for revising the job announcement and felt comfortable with Youth Services Committee discerning and disseminating the final wording. Jason and the Presiding Clerk agreed that they would seek to schedule a Front Porch Conversation about youth in the Yearly Meeting for Fifth Month. Friends accepted the report.

14. Closing worship. Friends concluded with a period of waiting worship.

Whitewater Quarter meets 4/18/21.  State of Meeting Reports are due in preparation for that meeting.  
Front Porch with OVYM Earthcare 7pm Weds. 4/21.
Miami Quarter meets 5/16/21. State of Meeting reports are due in preparation for that meeting.
Reports in Advance are due by 5/15 (or sooner).  This includes Memorial Minutes.  
Directory information due by 5/15.

The next Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for 2021-08-28 at 12noon


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