Miami Quarter – First Month 2022

23 January 2022

Meeting over Zoom
Friends present: Marion Atler, Annie Blanchard, Wilhelmina Branson, Karen Campbell, Lisa Cayard, Veronica Frost, David Funck, Andy Garrison, Ben Griffith, Peter Hardy (presiding clerk), Bruce Heckman, Honour Horne-Jaruk, Frank Huss, Susan Hyde, Deborah Jordan, Maria Kasinsky, Gail Koehler, Tim Moran, Richard Mitchell, Betsy Neale, Princess Nelson, Steve Olshewski, Jeanette Rockwell, Casey Shepherd, Cecilia Shore, Sandy Stevens, Nikki Tousley

The clerk read the query taken from the Faith and Practice of Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting. What is Quakerism or the Quaker way? What does that mean to me? What marks our meeting as Quaker?

Friends responded to the query from out of the silence.

The clerk welcomed friends to the meeting.
Roll call: The clerk asked friends to identify themselves as representatives of their monthly meeting.

Minute 2022-1
Campus: none present
Community: Deborah Jordan
Dayton: Nikki Tousley
Eastern Hills: none present on account of Eastern Hills conducting a business meeting at this time
Lexington: Richard Mitchell & Betsy Neale
Louisville: Casey Shepherd
Miami: Jeanette Rockwell
Oxford: Cecilia Shore & Andy Garrison
Yellow Springs: Bruce Heckman

Selection of members on the Committee of Two. The clerk invited Friends to consider whether they were willing to become one of the two representatives on the Committee of Two.

Minute 2022-2 Cecilia Shore & Richard Mitchell were willing to continue as the committee of two Richard and Cecilia will continue.

Consideration of a minute:

Oxford Friends Meeting deplores the display and sale of the Confederate flag at Levi Coffin Days in Fountain City, IN, and encourages Friends to sign the petition to protest this activity. We believe that promoting that flag is antithetical to the spirit of an event named for a Quaker abolitionist because it serves as a symbol of white supremacy.

Minute 2022-3
The Miami Quarterly Meeting of the RSF (Quaker) affirms the equality of all people. We recognize the rightness of the work of the Quaker abolitionist Levi Coffin, to shield escaping enslaved people. We encourage the Lions Club of Fountain City IN to prohibit the sale and display of Confederate Flags and other Confederate-themed material at Levi Coffin Days. These symbols of white supremacy are antithetical to the spirit of the work of Levi Coffin.

Friends agreed for the clerk to sign this petition on behalf of Miami Quarter meeting and for the clerk to send this minute as a letter to the Lions Club of Fountain City.

Minute 2022-4: Schedule for Miami Quarter meetings
Clerk reminded Friends of the schedule for the year

DateSite HostAdult Program coordinatorAdult program topicYouth program
4/24/2022LouisvilleLexingtonState of SocietyLouisville
10/23/2022Joint QuarterWhitewater hostJoint Quarter

Treasurer’s report
Veronica Frost

BENEVOLENT FUND-TruPartner Credit Union$3,167.55
CINCINNATI FUND-(original endowment $12,000.00)-TruPartner Credit Union$16,599.95
JOINT QUARTER FUND-TruPartner Credit Union$500.00
GREEN PLAIN MEETINGHOUSE FUND-TruPartner Credit Union$21,439.09

Minute 2022-5: Friends accepted the treasurer’s report.

OVYM Report

Friend Ben Griffith, being present and a member of the OVYM planning committee, provided a report on the upcoming annual sessions of OVYM. They will be held at Mount Saint Joseph University, in Cincinnati between Wednesday June 8th through Sunday June 12th. The theme of the event is: Embrace the Healing Power of Community.

The clerk reminded Friends that members of the youth committee are really needed.

Minute 2022-6: Friends accepted this report on OVYM activities.

The clerk reviewed the slate of stewards for Miami Quarter: Peter Hardy was willing to remain as the clerk, Veronica Frost is the Treasurer, Cecilia Shore and Richard Mitchell are the Committee of Two. We are missing a recording clerk.
Minute 2022-7: Friends approved this slate of stewards for the year 2022.

Minute 2022-8: Friends concerned that a recording clerk is very helpful to the good functioning of the Quarterly Meeting suggested that the meeting representatives should join together at a break-out group over lunch at the next Quarterly Meeting to identify someone who could assume this role.

Minute 2022-9: Closing: Friends entered into a period of silence before the meeting was closed.


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