Miami Quarter – Tenth Month 2022

TENTH MONTH, 22nd DAY 2022

Present: Peter Hardy, (presiding clerk), Gail Koehler, Cecilia Shore, Andy Garrison, Martha Veighmann, Sandy Felt.

The clerk gave a few comments and welcomed to all attendees

The clerk read the query and those present entered into silent worship

Where have I experienced the Divine Mystery in my life? How do we keep the Divine Spirit at the center of the life of our meeting?

Query #12, Faith and Practice of Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting (2021)

Friends were invited to respond to this query and several Friends were inspired and spoke from out of the silence.

Roll call of representatives of Monthly Meetings
Campus: absent
Community: absent
Dayton: Sandy Felt
Eastern Hills: Martha Viehmann
Lexington: Gail Koehler
Louisville: absent
Oxford: Cecilia Shore
Yellow Springs: absent

The clerk reviewed the agenda in front of the body.

Consideration of a minute from Oxford Monthly Meeting
Cecilia Shore and Andy Garrison, being present and Friends from Oxford presented the minute (included below) regarding the possible formation of a committee of Friends from Ohio Monthly meetings who would seek to follow the development of legislation coming before the Ohio legislature. Friends noted that a similar committee exists in Kentucky, called Quaker committee on Kentucky Legislation or QCKL and Friends believed that a similar group also existed to monitor legislation in Indiana. There was a recognition that the formation of a successful group in Ohio would require participation from other yearly meetings in the state. Other Friends from Ohio indicated that they would inquire about interest in joining such a group in their monthly meetings, and that the matter would be brought to the meeting of clerks prior to the next quarter.  The benefits of collaboration with other religious bodies were also noted. Some Friends noted that the Kentucky group combined the three Kentucky meetings which span two yearly meetings and thus the group works to encourage participation among the different yearly meetings.

Treasurer’s report
Veronica Frost, the treasurer of the quarterly meeting had submitted a financial report. The clerk discussed the report and answered questions about it as best he was able. Friends accepted the report. The clerk noted that Veronica has expressed her wish to be relieved of the responsibility of being the treasurer. Noting that Veronica is now living in northern Michigan and is unable to attend meetings he asked Friends present if they would authorize him to become a signatory on the accounts for Quarterly meeting. The clerk emphasized that he did not wish to also assume the role of treasurer and that he would begin a search to find a new treasurer for the Quarter. Friends present agreed that the clerk could become a signatory on the financial accounts of the quarterly meeting.

Announcements & Future Events

  • Announcements from Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting: Annual Sessions June 14-18, MSJ
  • Update on Miami Monthly Meeting, the clerk announced to Friends that Miami monthly meeting which owns two meeting houses was planning to sell their red brick meeting house.
  • Clerking Workshop. Gail Koehler described plans to hold a clerking workshop at Eastern Hills meeting on Saturday November 12th. Cindi Goslee from Louisville Friends would be the primary presenter. Gail emphasized that all Friends, regardless of their involvement in clerking were welcome to attend.

The meeting ending with a brief period of silent worship. Friends were encouraged to enjoy the beautiful weather and grounds of Happy Hollow camp ground.


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