Whitewater Quarter – 10th Month 2020

Whitewater Quarterly Meeting
Zoom Meeting

1. Meeting began with silent worship at 1:00 pm.

2. Roll Call
Bloomington: Christine Carver
Clear Creek: not present
Fall Creek: not present
Fort Wayne: Robert Holada
Lafayette: not present
North Meadow: Eric Hailperin-Lausch
White Rose: not present

3. Christine Carver presented a Minute on Nuclear Weapons brought forward by Bloomington Monthly Meeting. This was read aloud. We decided to consider a revision proposed by one Friend after discussion with the BFM members who developed it originally. It will be addressed again in First Month 2021.

4. The nine Friends in attendance introduced themselves and identified the Meetings from which they come.

5. Christine Carver, presented information shared by the Bloomington Monthly Meeting concerning the Braver Angels With Malice Toward None program in the form of a letter from Braver Angels of Indiana. Bloomington has registered support for this program and encourages both the Whitewater Quarterly Meeting and the constituent Monthly Meetings to consider doing the same. The project is aimed at reducing political polarization across the nation. Braver Angels is reaching out to religious, civic and educational organizations to commit to countering the hatred, stereotyping, ridicule and contempt that characterizes much of the interactions between sides. It is looking to beyond the election to a period where we will need to work together collaboratively to address major issues facing the country and the world. Religious organizations who register are asked to hold 2 phases of meetings. The first is for worship in their own tradition for those who are delighted and for those who are disappointed at the election outcomes. The second phase is a meeting for all designed to build reconciliation and commit to personal and community efforts to heal the wounds of the current strife. More recently Braver Angels is promoting Hold America Together because of the divisive trends that have more recently emerged. The meeting did not feel this was an initiative appropriate for the quarterly meeting to take on, but monthly meeting representatives are encouraged to bring this program to their meetings and ask them to address it with some urgency. Terre will forward the letter to anyone who would like to see it.

6. In Fourth Month 2020, Bloomington Friends Meeting agreed to host the First Month 2021 Whitewater Quarterly Meeting on 1/17/2021.

6. Minutes from today’s Meeting were approved.

8. Meeting ended at 2:05 following a few moments of silent worship.

Terre Holada, Clerk
Christine Carver, Recording Clerk

Friends Present: Christine Carver, Rachel Ernst-Stalhut, Oliver Ernst-Stalhut, Michael Fallahay, Eric Hailperin-Lausch, Robert Holada, Terre Holada, Phyllis Martin, Rex Sprouse


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