Whitewater Quarter – Fourth Month 2021

Zoom Meeting hosted by Clear Creek Friends Meeting

1. Meeting began with waiting worship at 11:15.

2. Roll Call

BloomingtonChristine Carver
Clear CreekErica Pearson
Fall CreekMarti Matthews
Fort WayneRobert Holada
LafayetteKaren Atcheson
North MeadowEric Hailperin-Lausch
White Rosenot present

3. The minutes from the 1/17/2021, that had been approved in the face of the Meeting, were read aloud today. The Minute on Nuclear Weapons has been revised and sent to the OVYM Secretary.

4. We discussed the possibility of and interest in holding a Joint Quarterly Meeting at Happy Hollow in 10th Month 2021.

5. The Clerk reminded Meetings to send their annual contribution to Whitewater Quarterly Meeting of $50 to the Treasurer at his home address [provided in attachment]: Please ask monthly meeting Treasurers to write checks to North Meadow Circle of Friends with “Whitewater Quarter” on the memo line.

6. Annual State of the Meeting Reports from Bloomington, Clear Creek, Fall Creek, North Meadow were read aloud by the representatives of the Monthly Meetings. Lafayette summarized their report. Fort Wayne could not locate their report and preferred not to summarize. There was an opportunity for discussion following the reports. A common theme was maintaining a sense of community while being socially distanced over the past year. Many Meetings noted their pain and struggles and efforts at reaching out to members. Meeting accepted the reports.

7. Eric Hailperin-Lausch agreed to serve as Whitewater Quarter Recording Clerk for 2021- 2022. The 1-year term begins following the end of the Annual Sessions. Meeting approved

8. Christine Carver agreed to serve as Clerk of Whitewater Quarterly Meeting for 2021-2022. The 1-year term begins following the end of the Annual Sessions. Meeting approved.

9. David Duvall will continue to be Whitewater Quarterly Meeting Treasurer. Meeting approved.

10. Minutes from today’s Meeting were approved.

11. Meeting closed with a period of waiting worship at about 12:25 pm.

Terre Holada, Clerk
Christine Carver, Recording Clerk

20 Friends Present: Karen Atcheson,, Susan Lee Barton, Michael Birkel, Buck Bunner, Christine Carver, Dinah Duvall, Mike Fallahy, David Garman, Eric Hailperin-Lausch, Gwen Halsted, Robert Holada, Terre Holada, Marti Mathews, Erica Pearson, Doug Powers, Jodi Powers, Rex Sprouse, Elizabeth Starr, Jane Stowe, and Clara Whitman Parrett


Download a copy of these minutes, including any attachments.