All our Yearly Meeting forms are provided in PDF format. They can be printed and mailed, or filled out digitally and submitted by email. 

If you prefer to submit a form directly online, some forms have an “Online” option. We are working on converting all of our forms to allow for this option.

Note that some browsers do not support fillable forms, so you may need to download the form to your device and open it in a PDF reader such as Adobe’s Acrobat reader.

In case you need help filling out and submitting a form digitally, we’ve put together a handy tutorial to explain the process.

A Note about Cached Files

Depending on your browser settings, some PDFs that you've opened from this page previously may not load the latest version available.

To be sure you're viewing the most recent version of a form, you may want to clear your cache first.


Expense Report

Travel Expense Report

Request for Travel Assistance

Retreat/Planning Worksheet


Membership Record

Statistical Report

Braddock Fund

Scholarship Application

(for incarcerated individuals seeking educational assistance)

Grant Application

(for those doing prison ministry work)

For Those Working with Minors

Paid Youth Position Application

Volunteer Youth Position Application